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New Widow: He's dead?
Doctor: Yes.
Widow: He just got out of the hospital yesterday. He was going out to the mail-box.
Doctor: Heart attack.
Widow: What, walking out to the mailbox?
Doctor: Walking back. You see he opened the hospital bill.

The West Volusia Hospital Authority was created by Chapter 57-2085, Laws of Florida, to establish, construct, operate, and maintain such hospital or hospitals as shall be necessary for the use of the people in the district. [see mission statement]


The Authority's primary financial responsibility is to fund health care for the indigent. By providing some services outside of the traditional hospital environment, we are able to better serve the community and do so at lower cost.

By providing services after hours, we accommodate those who must work: they need not take time off to obtain medical care for their children. By providing clinics and working with the health dep't, we keep them out of the E.R. where the waits are long and the service is poor for non-emergencies.

Poking Fun at Hospital Management

For the past several years, the hospital was run by Memorial Health Systems, Inc., out of Ormond Beach. There has been some dispute over whether they have done a good job. We have some fun at their expense here.

Success 2000! English Translation: Failure
Peninsula Purchase English Translation: Oops
Salary Survey Fun with Dick & Johnette
Management Letter Count the Fibs


Yes, we have lawsuits! At this time we must refer you to the law library, see 30 Media Law Rptr 1300 for the most interesting.

Various Screeds, To the Authority

The West Volusia Hospital Authority still collects property taxes. Much of the money is poured into the black hole of Ormond (now part of A.H.S.). We are unable to determine where the money goes as the meetings and records are closed to the public. We virtually yell and scream at them here.
name date description
hosp0301.html 20-Jul-2003 The Big, New Tax Increase
hosp0210.html 03-Dec-2002 DePeyster: This Community Owes Us (cover)
hosp0208.html 26-Nov-2002 DePeyster: This Community Owes Us (actual material)
hosp0206.html 20-Nov-2002 Lawsuit Update
hosp0205.html 10-Jun-2002 Deadbeat Doctors - Done
hosp0204.html 03-Jun-2002 Deadbeat Doctors - Denial
hosp0203.html 29-May-2002 Deadbeat Doctors - Denounced
hosp0202.html 08-Mar-2002 The Secret Golden Parachute
hosp0201.html 13-Feb-2002 The Missing Pension Money
hosp0021.html 27-Sep-2000 Let the Fun Begin
hosp0020.html 18-Sep-2000 Better Offer for Hospital
hosp0019.html 14-Aug-2000 Fair Warning - Indigent Care Agreement is Flawed
hosp0018.html 14-Aug-2000 Fair Warning - Loopholes in Agreement
hosp0017.html 14-Aug-2000 Fair Warning - Sale of Hospital Does Not Protect Public
hosp0015.html 11-Jun-2000 Something Smells Here: Indigents fewer, but costs going up
ag0001.html 01-Jun-2000 Adventists seek monopoly, 111% price increase
hosp0014.html 30-May-2000 Various issues with AHS Lease, some of which will cause trouble
hosp0013.html 11-May-2000 Prediction: Adventists Will Make Off with Our Hospital
hosp0012.html 26-Apr-2000 Offer, In the Interest of Legal Economy
hosp0011.html 10-Apr-2000 The Missing Pension Money
hosp0010.html 02-Apr-2000 We May Owe Ourselves a Lot of Money!
hosp0009.html 01-Apr-2000 Employee Pension Plan
hosp0008.html 28-Mar-2000 Ormond's Long-Overdue Departure
hosp0007.html 20-Mar-2000 Ormond's (Then Up-Coming) 21-Mar-2000 Meeting and Our Proper Response Thereto
hosp0006.html 15-Mar-2000 Paying Ormond's Debt: Bailing Out the Unworthy
hosp0005.html 24-Feb-2000 Rude Comment on Mr. Lind's Begging for More Money
hosp0004.html 17-Feb-2000 Issues to consider before paying indigent care money directly to Ormond.
hosp0003.html 20-Jan-2000 Encouraging new Chairman to accept public input.
hosp9902.html 22-Mar-1999 Memorial Hospital - West Volusia Revenue History
hosp9806.html 20-Aug-1998 Public Meetings, Requirements
hosp9802.html 01-Jun-1998 Taking the Hospital Back when Ormond Collapses

Misc Documents

Several documents, some intended to be public, are available from the document index . These include the popular ``salary surveys'' at the hospital, as well as the fake anonymous letter, and the boat payment assistance list.

The documents may be of interest to taxpayers in the West Volusia Hospital Authority tax district. Got one we should know about? Drop a line to the address at the bottom of the page, and let us know!

You probably aren't supposed to know about some of them. If you stumble across something that looks secret, please stop reading.

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