West Volusia Hospital Authority,
844 W. Plymouth Ave.,
P.O. Box 940,
DeLand, FLA 32721.

Chairman and Commissioners:

Refs: cert #2403, 13-May-2002 Volusia Review pg 19, the text of which is reproduced below.

It is in all of our interests to assure that our community’s hospitals prosper to the degree that they are able to continue to provide needed health care. When the books are closed, we are forced to look to extrinsic evidence to judge the facilities’ success.

With that in mind, let us turn to the cited reference. The subject property should be considered a ‘‘bellwether’’ because of the following factors:

In short: if the doctors are prospering, the hospital is doing well; if the doctors do not prosper, then the hospital has or will soon have difficulties.

From the referenced listing on the delinquent tax rolls, being the same as whose text is reproduced below, we see that the doctors are not currently experiencing prosperity. They can’t pay their taxes! That suggests that they are not seeing many patients, some of whom (especially in the case of a surgeon) would be expected to become customers of the hospital.

It may be that the hospital has better doctors available, is sending potential custom to such better doctors, and the group in question is starving due to competition. It seems more likely, however, that these doctors are reflective of the medical community: they are simply most visible, being right across the street from the hospital property. Were they truly quacks, the doctors should not have arrived at such a prominent position.

I submit that the Authority should, as soon as possible, consult with the management of our community’s main hospital. The Authority should ask for financial information and assurance that the management is working to assure the financial security and long-term survival of the hospital which was built by, serves, and continues to be funded by, our community.


Tanner Andrews

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reference text:
2403 70505000010 8,169.71
MB 43 PG 149 PER OR 3992 PG 0860

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