West Volusia Hospital Authority,
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P.O. Box 940,
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Chairman and Commissioners:

Refs: cert #2403, 13-May-2002 Volusia Review pg 19;
§197.122(1), F.S. (excerpted below);
Andrews hosp0203.txt of 29-May-2002;
Corbyons [no file id] letter of 02-Jun-2002.

To hand the interesting letter of Tom Corbyons to the Authority, as referenced, the same copied to some but not all of the CC: list of the prior reference.

At the outset, I acknowledge that Corbyons (and fellows) are not legally obligated to care about our community’s hospital, and this letter should not be taken as commenting upon the lack of concern expressed in his letter.

Turning to the merits, we see Corbyons asserting that the doctors did not pay their taxes because their notices were sent to the old Fish Hospital. While the excuse shows imagination, it should be noted that it is contrary to law. See §197.122(1), F.S., as is excerpted below.

We also see Corbyons implying (but not stating) that the failure to pay taxes is ‘‘apparent’’. It must be noted that in fact the taxes were in fact not paid prior to the letter hosp0203.txt to the Authority; I just called the County, and the taxes remain unpaid unto this day!

That taxes must be paid should come as no surprise to Corbyons and his fellow dead-beats. At least one of them was at one time a board member of a taxing entity - one of the very taxing entities not paid by Corbyons &c. Further, it should be noted that doctors are usually very well paid, and should have more ability than the average person to pay their taxes.

Understanding that we appear to have either rich dead-beats or doctors who are not prospering, we next turn to the viability of the hospital. If the doctors are simply refusing to pay because it is in their nature to fail pay their share, then the hospital may in fact be sound.

If, on the other hand, the docs’ failure to pay is not culpable, then we should worry about our hospital. Any questions as to that matter may be readily resolved by inspection of the books and audits thereof. The Authority is certainly empowered to request (if not demand) these records, and in the face of concern unabated by the ineffectual ravings of Corbyons should feel itself duty bound to make such inquiries.

The Board will remember that, until the letter of 23-Mar-2000, Memorial Health Systems and Memorial Hospital-West Volusia, Inc., represented that they were viable and solvent enterprises, competently run, and able to sustain themselves through operations. We saw that this was a fabric of hope without foundation when Ormond abruptly pulled out. The Board will recall also my warnings, e.g. hosp9605.txt, 05-Nov-1996; hosp9702.txt, 19-Jan-1997; hosp9802.txt, 01-Jun-1998; hosp9902.txt, 22-Mar-1999; hosp9929.txt, 30-Dec-1999; hosp0004.txt, 24-Feb-2000.

Without making any actual statement, Corbyons seems to suggest that our hospital is now solvent. However, neither he nor Adventist Health Systems offer any evidence for that proposition. I suggest that the Authority seek such evidence, that we avoid surprises.


Tanner Andrews

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§197.122(1), F.S., provides in part that:

All owners of property shall be held to know that taxes are due and payable annually and are charged with the duty of ascertaining the amount of current and delinquent taxes and paying them before April 1 of the year following the year in which taxes are assessed.

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