Board of Commissioners,
West Volusia Hospital Authority,
131 E. New York Ave.,
P.O. Box 509,
DeLand, FLA 32721.

Dear Sirs:

Congratulations to the new Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. I know he will endeavor to do a good job representing the public of West Volusia to the best of his abilities.

I am disturbed by the rumor that the Board may refuse public comment on agenda items. This would surely be folly, which we should strive to avoid.

The W.V.H.A. Board is governed by §286.011, Florida Statutes, which is commonly known as the ‘‘Sunshine’’ law. That statute provides that all of the meetings are public meetings.

The courts of the State of Florida have held that actions of public bodies taken outside of public meeting are to be considered null and void from their beginning. They are not of legal effect.

I believe that you will find among your records received at the meeting of 20-Aug-1998 a more detailed exposition on this topic, the same being hosp9308a.txt prepared in 1993, and would bring it back to your attention. I also remind you of my letter hosp9806.txt on delay of public input. Should you be unable to find either of these items, inform me and I will promptly fax them to your attention.

I am not a lawyer; the only legal advice I can offer is that you may wish to consult with an attorney before violating any laws. I can offer what seems to me good public policy advice, which is to listen carefully to the public before taking actions.


Tanner Andrews

Posting of this letter is a paid political advertisement provided by Tanner Andrews, P.O. Box 1208, DeLand 32721, independent of any campaign or committee. This material is also on display at the offices of the West Volusia Hospital Authority. No candidate has approved this material.

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