West Volusia Hospital Authority,
131 E. New York Ave.,
P.O. Box 509,
DeLand, FLA 32721.

Dear Sirs:

It has come to my attention that the facilities known collectively as ‘‘Memorial Hospital-West Volusia’’ (the former West Volusia Memorial Hospital) are being offered for sale. I do not recall that offers were solicited, but in the event that the facility is indeed being made available please consider this letter to constitute my offer. The consideration to be paid is greater than that in the Adventist offer, and the offer contains fewer conditions, making me the best and highest bidder.

By this letter, I offer the sum of $100 in cash for the land and structures thereon, being the exact same land known as was leased to Memorial Hospital-West Volusia, Inc. Closing is to take place on 29-Sep-2000. I undertake to pay all those closing costs normally paid by the buyer; the Authority will pay all those closing costs normally paid by the seller.

I have performed sufficient due diligence and am satisfied that I will receive value for the money. I have the funds currently available; as a banking reference you may contact Mr. Benn at First Community for the limited purpose of determining whether I have in hand the amount proffered.

This offer and those contracts made pursuant hereto shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida. Venue for litigation shall be the in County of Volusia. Arbitration is not required.

This letter is intended to be a binding offer. Should you accept it, please indicate your acceptance, sign, retain a copy, and return this letter to me.


Tanner Andrews

Posting of this letter is a paid political advertisement provided by Tanner Andrews, P.O. Box 1208, DeLand 32721, independent of any campaign or committee. This material is also on display at the offices of the West Volusia Hospital Authority. No candidate has approved this material.

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