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These documents are provided for reference. They are linked from the appropriate letters and other material. It would be hard to pretend that they are listed in any particular order.

name posted description
doc-anon.html 13-Mar-2000 Anonymous letter, looking suspiciously like a fake from Ormond
doc-docs01.html 16-Mar-2000 Medical Staff Resolution: Keep Hospital
doc-exit01.html 23-Mar-2000 Ormond's ``leaving'' announcement
doc-grd01.html 17-Dec-2003 Doctors' Boat Payment Assistance
doc-informed.html 22-Dec-1999 Ormond's ``Keeping the Public Informed'' Letter to WVHA Board
doc-lease.html 02-Apr-2000 Certain key portions of the Lease
doc-meet0201.html 17-Jun-2002 Notice of Meeting and Agenda, 12-Jun-2002
doc-mhwvcov01.html 20-Nov-2002 MH-WV Covenant to Return Money
doc-mvf01.html 08-Mar-2002 Van Fleet Golden Parachute Agreement
doc-pay1997.html 13-Mar-2000 List of salaries paid by Ormond to their higher ranking people
doc-pens01.html 28-Feb-2000 The ``Missing Pension Money'' Memo
doc-s2000.html 22-Sep-1999 The ``Success 2000'' secret management memo
doc-tc0201.html 03-Jun-2002 Tom Corbyons: Letter to WVHA Board

Got one we should know about? Sneak a copy to the address in the disclaimer below! You probably aren't supposed to know about some of these. If something looks secret, just stop reading.

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