hospital employee benefit flyer #3

This material was initially presented as a flier on the doors of many down-town merchants. If you missed seeing it then, here's your chance!

Fun with Dick and Johnette

Management Report

It took a long time for our fine hospital management to figure out how well they did and tell the IRS. Two extensions later, it looks like some people did quite well.

Dick Lind..... $316,253
one week..... $6,325
one minute..... $2.63
Johnette Vodenicker..... $127,076
Clark Christianson.....$166,245
Patricia Dietrich.....$100,203
Charles Koval.....$123,355
Dave Raines.....$171,056
Clare Watson-Galo.....$85,206
John Anderson.....$129,261
Ross Fitch.....$108,087
Curt Rausch.....$100,246
Dr. Hussain Rawji.....$549,525
Marlene Thomas.....$71,471

There was a lot of money in running this charity in FY1997-98.

Efficiency Report

Often, charitable corporations are judged on how much of the money goes toward their mission, and how much goes toward overhead. Since much of this is your taxes, let’s see how they’re doing.
Total Spending.....$50,825,529
Health Care.....$39,186,025
The overhead is about 23% - your taxes aren’t working very hard.

What can we do? Let’s take salaries of Dick Lind and Johnette Vodenicker and divide among the employees, who didn’t get a raise:
big-shot salaries.....$443,329
div by employees.....400
raise for workers.....$1108.32
Happy ‘‘Success 2000’’ from leadership at Memorial Health Systems!

Notes of Interest

The 1997-98 tax returns are the most recent. It took ten months and two extensions for the bean counters to do their job. Look for an ‘‘efficiency in motion’’ award.

The ‘‘one week’’ and ‘‘one minute’’ figures are based on 50 40-hour weeks per year. Rates will be lower if they spend 9 hours/day telling us of their dedication.

Some interesting system expenses:

legal bills.....$396,705
all travel.....$314,114
(by management).....$101,627
all equipment r&m.....$5,697,080
(for management).....$4,012,100

Ads cost $971,536. It might be cheaper to just run the hospitals well and use word-of-mouth.

Legal mumbo-jumbo: I’m obliged to tell you that this is a paid political advertisement provided in kind by

Tanner Andrews,
P.O. Box 1208,
DeLand, FLA 32721.
Andrews also provided in-town distribution, all independent of any campaign or committee. MHS supplied the subject material. Tax returns are available from the
I.R.S. Ogden Submission Center, M.S. 6716, P.O. Box 9941, Ogden, Utah.
Details will be filed timely with the Supervisor’s office. Employees, don’t be caught reading or sharing this! © 2000, Tanner Andrews. You may make and distribute copies of this entire flyer if you preserve this notice. No candidate has approved this material.

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