‘‘This community owes us’’

- Dr. Joe Depeyster, M.D.

(speaking to Board at WVHA meeting, 21-Nov-2002)

Speaking for Deland and West Volusia doctors, Joe DePeyster asked the taxpayers of West Volusia for an extra $250,000.

To have privileges at the hospital, doctors are required to be ‘‘on call’’ about once a month. Sometimes that means that they will see a poor patient. If they have to see one, the doctors said, the taxpayers should pay them for it.

Medical practice costs are going up: ‘‘Greens fees, yacht club dues, trophy wives, and fancy cars are all much higher than they were five years ago.’’

As you see, the doctors are hurting. Your money can pay important expenses. When you pay your taxes, please send an additional gift (and a message) to:

West Volusia Hospital Authority,
attn: Doctors’ Boat Payment Help,
P.O. Box 940,
DeLand 32721.

Thank you for caring. And thank you for paying.

Remember: if you send nothing, it tells the Authority you don’t care about the poor, suffering doctors.

Donations to the Authority may be tax deductible; ask your accountant.

This is a paid political advertisement provided by Tanner Andrews, P.O. Box 1208, DeLand 32721, independent of any campaign or committee. No candidate has approved this material. Andrews also provided in-town distribution. Thanks to Joe DePeyster, who provided the inspiration and the key quote.

This material was initially presented as a dodger on the doors of many down-town merchants. If you missed seeing it then, here's your chance!

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