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The City of DeLand is a full-service city in the western portion of Volusia County, Florida. It is the County Seat, wherein the Court House and County Government Palace are to be found.

Not much taxpayer information is available here yet. About all we have right now is a couple of stale bits about the Athens Theatre scandal, and a few old screeds about various boring subjects.

Various Screeds, To the Commission

A few vague hints about where our money goes, whether it is well spent, and whether the City Commission has fun spending it.
name date description
dld0309.html 21-Jul-2003 Quaintness Job to be Funded by Home Owners dumb
dld0308.html 21-Jul-2003 Quaintness Bureaucrat to be Appointed expensive
dld0307.html 21-Jul-2003 Tax Increase short
dld0302.html 12-Mar-2003 Taxi Ordinance dull
dld0301.html 09-Dec-2002 Impact Taxes dull
dld0207.html 26-Nov-2002 PD Problems dull
dld0203.html 16-Jun-2002 Sign is Mis-Punctuated oops
dld0202.html 18-May-2002 Tolerating Dissent dull
dld0001.html 21-Mar-2000 Mayor's Pleasant Presentation dull
dld9604.html 12-Oct-1996 Naming Ball Field
dld9602.html 02-Jul-1996 Government Give-Aways dull
dld9601.html 01-Jul-1996 Paving Roads dull
dld9504.html 18-Dec-1995 People Who Sell Their Favors unkind
dld9303.html 15-Apr-1993 Give-Away to VCBDC Denounced; bringing people from out of town to take the good jobs. unkind
dld9302.html 15-Mar-1993 Public Works Does Good Job with ``March Monster'' clean-up.
dld9107.html 02-Sep-1991 Modest Proposal to Make S.R. 44 Safer, Keep Kids out of Duck Ponds, and prevent famine.

Athens Theater

The former horse stable now known as the Athens Theatre has sucked up an incredible amount of your tax dollars. Some came through the City, some via the State. Instead of housing horses, it now looks like a white elephant.
name date description
msd-ath01.html 07-Oct-1996 Brief History of the Scandal
dld9304a.html 20-Feb-1994 (1.0b) The Man Who Wore Two Hats ok
dld9308.html 19-Feb-1994 (1.0a) Resolution Regarding Attorney ok
dld9306.html 17-Mar-1993 Conflict of Interest Letter boring
dld9307.html 17-Mar-1993 Main Street/Athens ``Gimme'' Meeting boring
dld9309.html 21-Jun-1993 Apology for Upsetting Mayor pointed
dld9403.html 19-Feb-1994 To a Property Owner Near the Athens sorta dull
dld9605.html 04-Nov-1996 Competing with the City's Tavern hmmm
msd-pled.html 28-Sep-1996 Who Pledged, Who Paid fascinating

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