Tax Abatement

for campaign contributors


Mayor & Commissioners,
City of DeLand,
120 N. Florida Ave.,
DeLand, FLA 32720.

Subject: Tax Abatement

This letter is to be included in the record in lieu of spoken presentation.

I took the opportunity to visit with the City Clerk, and examined the list of contributors to the tax abatement referendum. Two of the largest contributors are appearing before the City now, asking for the favor of tax relief.

If the City fails to grant this favor, then it will be seen as ungrateful. People who give money expecting favors may get the impression contributors are quickly forgotten. If the City does grant the abatement requested, then it is likely to be seen as selling its favors.

If we fail to grant favors bought and paid for, we’re going to be termed ingrates. There is another term for people who sell their favors.

In order to get out of this position, I urge the City to postpone any decision tonight. During the postponement period, the City should develop a policy that no tax abatement will be granted. Why should existing businesses and taxpayers pay to subsidize their competition? Is our tax rate too high? Lower it for everyone, then.

I thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Tanner Andrews

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
This material is a paid political advertisement provided by

Tanner Andrews,
P.O. Box 1208,
DeLand 32721.
independent of any candidate or committee. No candidate has approved this material. Disclosures are filed timely with the Supervisor's office.

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