Honorable Mayor and Commissioners,
City of DeLand,
120 S. Florida Ave,.
DeLand, FLA 32720.

Mr. Mayor and Commissioners:

We have had quite a storm over the week-end, and considerable cold even today. I do not recall the equal of this storm for all-around trouble, with its combination of wind, rain, and lightening.

Parts of our down-town were without power for most of the day Saturday. Some people did not have power restored until Sunday. Tree limbs and whole trees were blown down across roads, in yards, and across power lines.

I have seen our City Public Works people out all week-end, and today as well, cleaning up the mess.

I believe that the Commission should express gratitude to Mr. Davenport and his entire department for the good job they have done, getting out in the wee hours Saturday and working hard to get our City cleaned up. It sure would have been much easier to stay inside out of the wind, rain, and cold.


Tanner Andrews

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