Fake Widows will Marry Your Money | #2 - Yahoo

It's a real shame. Just in the end of their lives, or perhaps in their prime, or at some point anyway, these ladies become widows. They have huge piles of money, and need someone to help them disburse it. No one seems to be willing to do this, and so the widows are getting sad. If only someone were there to help.

Yahoo! You are here, and you can help! However, to be fair, we will point out a few minor details which will not deter a determined and upright person such as yourself:

  1. The money is make-believe
  2. So is the widow
  3. There are some costs associated with getting it to you
  4. The costs cannot be taken from the make-believe money
  5. Fortunately, you can pay them with real money

Beware! Not all fake widows are created equal. There are competing brands whose widows are less attractive and whose costs may be higher. Always insist on the name band. Insist on real yahoos.

Update! Now, AOL-holes are deemed Yahoos! Thanks to modern merger technology, you can have the benefits of both the Yahoo Two-Point Promise and the AOL Assurance when you work with an approved AOL-hole.

When dealing with a real yahoo, you have the confidence that your money will be accepted. And you can be sure that Yahoo will never turn them over if you become dissatisfied, because all transactions are backed by the Yahoo two-point promise:

  1. No refunds
  2. No how

All post-merger transactions are also backed by the AOL assurance:

When dealing with a real yahoo, you receive instructions promptly. They will explain how you should send your real money using an anonymous transfer service and how important it is that you act fast to send the real money. You will also be informed as to some of the possibilities for disbursing the make-believe money once you pretend to receive it.

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