Fake Widows will Marry Your Money | #1 - Google

It's a real shame. Just in the end of their lives, or perhaps in their prime, or at some point anyway, these ladies become widows. They have huge piles of money, and need someone to help them disburse it.

What a relief that you are here! In fairness we should probably point a few minor details which will not deter a strong and determined person such as yourself:

  1. The widow is make-believe
  2. So is the money
  3. There are some costs associated with getting it to you
  4. The costs cannot be taken from the make-believe money
  5. Fortunately, you can pay them with real money

Beware! Not all fake widows are created equal. You should insist on genuine Google branded fake widows because only Google provides the necessary level of privacy. When dealing with a Google Gmail fake widow, you may be assured that you will never find who it is, or where it is. You will not even be able to identify the coffee shop or other free wi-fi provider in Lagos, Abeokuta or Zungaroo.

With a genuine Google Gmail fake widow, you will receive instructions promptly. They will explain how you should send your real money using an anonymous transfer service and how nice things will be once you can pretend to receive the make-believe money.

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google gmail fake widow logo google pink all transactions backed by the Google three-way warranty:
  1. No questions
  2. No money back
  3. No way
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