Pink Friends Will Pretend to Game Search Engines | #1 - Google

So, you say business is fair at best, sometimes worse than that. Maybe it is that you have a lousy web site.

What you need is a dodgy SEO expert who hides behind a free scammer maildrop address. That way, you can send money with the assurance that you will never see it again. If you are really crazed, you might even allow the scammer to have access to your web site. Wow, that would be dumb.

When you want to game the search engines, you start with the ``big boys'', and that would be Google. Google provides a complete pink solution: the unsolicited SEO advertisements can be sent from a address using Google servers. That allows you to be sure that they have the ``inside track'' to gaming Google searches!

Yup, sounds like you need a Google SEO spammer...

You already know that Google is the leading search engine, and the source of some of the best SEO spam available. Why would you go anywhere else? Remember, only Google can give you the well-known Google Gmail three-way warranty:

  1. No questions please
  2. No money back
  3. No way or how
Tell your friends about the Google three-way warranty!