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You have so much merchandise sitting in the warehouse and none of it is doing you a bit of good. Would it not be better to have those goods shipped, preferably after having received realistic pre-payment?

That can happen! Just get in touch with one of these procurement officers, all of whom have already determined the need for your goods. You will need to send a catalog so the specific goods can be selected, but you can do that by e-mail.

Almost instantly, you can have a pre-paid order. Choose your method of payment: you may have either a realistic check or an unreported credit card. Either way, you get paid before shipment. Best of all, the payment includes not only the goods, but also shipping and a little extra.

You ship the goods to a distant, anonymous transfer point and have no more worries: they are gone. You can wire the overpayment to the operator.

The goods and money which you have sent will be satisfactory. The only necessary follow up will be with the bank, which will have some inquiries as to what you want to do about the returned payment. At that point, you can explain the difference between a real check and a realistic check, or why you wish the credit card company had not reversed the payment.

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