Excellent Education with Microsoft Outlook

School is not all coeds and beer. Somemtimes you have to do things that are less entertaining, such as study and send money to Microsoft Outlook maildrop users. This is how you learn.

With Microsoft Outlook classes, you will learn the ins and outs of international finance, The outs include sending money out of the country using anonymous wire transfer services. The in is of course the income you provide to the instructor.

Introductory classes are offered during spring and winter terms. Advanced classes are offered in the fall and summer terms, and are limited to students who have successfully completed the introductory classes.

The introductory classes will cover:

  1. Accepting representation
  2. Performing easy job
  3. Receiving realistic payment
  4. Depositing that payment in escrow account
  5. Forwarding most of funds to instructor

Advanced classes include the following areas:

  1. Negotiating repayment plans with bank
  2. Explaining escrow shortage to regulatory agencies
  3. Moving to another state
  4. Changing your name
  5. Finding a new line of work

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  look out for outlook   All transactions are backed by the Microsoft Asssurance. If you ever receive any portion of your money back, you may mail it to Redmond and it will be accepted.
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