Pretend Lottery Prize - WMG

Once you investigate and compare the modern World Media Group sponsored lotteries to the stodgy, old-fashioned lottery, you will switch and not look back. Just look at the advantages:
modern fake lottery stodgy real lottery
No need to buy a ticket You must buy a ticket
Winnings are fictional Winnings are taxable
You never heard of this Heavily promoted, too many ads
Work with foreign nationals Boring people in your own state
You have already won You probably will not win
You pay costs Costs paid by lottery agency
Send money to claim prize You cannot send money
Multiple cash transmissions You do not send money
Prize is make believe Prizes are real but rare

Contact one of these authorized agents for the most recent lottery announcements:

World Media Group
90 Washington Valley Rd, Apt 1128
Bedminster, NJ 07921
pho: 1-908-9030200
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Schlund (1&1) Opportunity Hosting
701 Lee Rd, Apt 300
Chesterbrook, PA 19087
pho: 1-877-4612631