Send Unwanted E-Mail to Promote Useless Opportunities

Do you have the usual woes?

Well, now there are people who will help. For a very reasonable fee, these people will be glad to take your money and run advertising for you. Sure, the advertisements may be crummy.

With some vendors, the advertisements are on the wrong side of the ocean, but at least they are reaching someone. With other vendors, the advertisements wind up direct-deposited in the trash, saving you the trouble of disposing of them. Still others will help you advertise on obscure web sites. With any of these options, you have the comfort of spending your advertising budget.

Check out these opportunities and decide where you wish to spend your precious advertising dollars! Remember, if you do not spend out this fiscal year budget, you may get less next year. Michael Toll Spam Distribution Ashish Prakash Seminars Tony Martini Unseen Banner Ads Lacey Secksy SEO Scam Inflated Oxymoron Obscure Web Site Nick Hansen Fake Office Lee Gowans Attorney Advertising Ashish Prakash Seminar Spam Matt Williams Magazine Spam Nick Hansen Stuff Michael Lee Specialty Advertising Phillip Greer Hubspot Lawyer Advertising William Matthews Magazine Spam Anthony Martini Obscure Web Site Stephen Fairley Webinars Steven Naifeh Lawyer Awards Ted Rajanayagan Pink Hosting