Bashing Bureaucrats

Witness: ... and so I told my supervisor they were dead!
Lawyer: How could you tell?
Witness: Well, they weren't moving, and...
Lawyer: In what way did this differ from their normal daily routine?

OK, so they aren't all like this. Some of them stay up nights dreaming of new ways to spend our tax dollars.

It is, of course, within our powers as citizens of the State of Florida to point, laugh, and jeer at them. It's our money ­ shouldn't we at least enjoy the show?
name date description
flag0301.html 16-Oct-2003 Classroom Flags Considered Harmful
fdot0005.html 18-Dec-2000 S.R. 44 Plans Considered Silly

content last updated 16-Oct-2003

Know something we don't, but should? The bureaucrats are probably, even as you read this, doing something really amazingly, mind-bendingly, incredibly stupid. Drop a line to the address below and tell us!

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