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The County Council represents the purest form of government. Distilled down to its essence:
your tax dollars
at work
not working
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name date description
vc0301.html 08-Nov-2004 Puppets Should Remember Strings
vc0204.html 01-Sep-2002 Talking Trash
vc0203.html 30-May-2002 Money Lost or Stolen: Do We Care?
vc0202.html 19-May-2002 Extra, Extra, Extra, Extra, Extra Charges: For Junk, or Junkets?
vc0201.html 25-Mar-2002 Taxpayers are All Wet
vc0002.html 18-Dec-2000 There is a free lunch!

This County subscribes to the principle: ``That's not a tax increase. It's a revenue enhancement!'' If we call it a fee, does it mean we don't have to pay it?

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Know something we don't, but should? The ClownCounty Council is probably dreaming of another ``mag-lev'' money pit even as you read this. They might prefer that you not drop us a line at the address below!

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